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The school aims at facilitating learning, guiding, developing skills, conforming to social expectations and building personalities, keeping in view the above mentioned standards and abiding by the regulations laid by CBSE, the school has universal system of assessments strategy which not only measures the knowledge and intelligence of the child but also helps to discover the aptitudes, interests, personal traits and the latent potentials.

The entire session is divided into core evaluations PT1, PT2, PT3 & Final Terms. The teaching faculty concentrates on well planned purposeful and effective methodology through timely assignments and evaluation mind stimulating projects in all subjects. Regular class tests are given in each subject after the completion of a chapter.Evaluations is stickily as per CBSE by logs.


The integration of work and study is the Key Element in D.V.M. All students are obliged to gain practical experience in the course of the academic education. Equal emphasis is laid on these activities for the holistic development of the child through club system.

  • Integrity Club
  • Heritage Club
  • Eco Club
  • Health & hygiene
  • Literary Club
  • Art & Culture


Children have an excellent opportunity to develop their interest and ability in games under the guidance of trained physical instructors and coaches. This institution believes in holistic development of the child. Special attention is taken for sports and games to develop child physically and mentally. Here infrastructure blends to provide opportunity for indoor and outdoor games as well.The Students are taking part in interschool & zonal tournament actively.


House system is seen as an opportunity for adoption to life in the group, forming good life long habits and cultivating a voluntaristic spirit. House activities supplement academics and give the students practical training which is required in day to day life. In the school 4 houses are organized giving an opportunity to display their talent. Prefectorial Board of the school comprises of Head Boy, Head girl, Captains, vice captains and prefects.


There is a sick bay in the school with a nurse on full time duty. Proper care is given to the students at the hour of need.


The school has a well equipped activity room for Montessori Department. There is a large collection of CDs , toys and other informative material for infotainment of the students. Audio- Visual room provides opportunity to the students to enhance listening skill with visualization.


There is long tradition of parents in the school keeping regular touch with the Principal and teachers and are extending a great deal of help in the welfare of the school. Every Second Saturday of the month is scheduled for P.T.Ms when parents have a chance to discuss with teachers, the progress of their wards.


To provide transport facilities to the students, the school has a fleet of its own buses which run on prescribed routes.


Along with supportive Principal and caring staff, the school has a full time counselor for guiding and counseling students and ensuring a good mental health.


Every student is bound to come in the prescribed school uniform (Style, Design, Colour, Quality and Shape as specified in School Diary.